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Coffee and Tea

At Caffeteca we care about coffee. We are passionate in producing quality espresso. We work very closely with D'Angelo Coffee, Purveyors of  fine coffees in order to achieve this quality.

We select our blends and single origins to be in harmony with the growing seasons around the world to ensure optimum flavour in the cup. We are and will always be quality driven and not price driven when selecting coffee beans from around the world.

All our beans are purchased from sustainable farming estates and farms with direct-trade relationships, therefore beans sourced are paid at premium prices.

Our Baristi are highly trained and skilled and are always willing to pass on knowledge and information about what you are drinking.

We also believe in quality fine teas. We have chosen Larsen and Thompson Teas. Larsen and Thompson only choose the worlds best and premium leaf teas and are Melbourne  based. We found their quality of teas far more superior to anything else on the market today.

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